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About Peter


I have been drawing all my life. I started with crayons and nursery class projects to spending any spare moment with a brush or pencil in my hand. I started taking It more seriously at the start of secondary school at 11. I wanted to become a full-time self-employed artist running my own business from then on. I know this might take a while, and I will have to work a job besides running my business, but I'm determined I can get to being self-employed full-time one day.  

I was born in the North East of the UK and have lived there ever since. I studied business studies, creative I-media, and fine arts in secondary school for my GCSE options. During this time, I focused all my attention on doing my coursework for art, perfecting my drawings and learning new techniques from my fantastic art teacher. After that, I went to college to study for an Art and Design level 3 Diploma while also running my business which launched in October 2020. I finished college in June 2022.

I’m currently 20 and at the University for Fine Art, which I do while running the business as best I can and working as a part-time retail sales assistant. I live in a cosy student flat with my partner of one year. I'd love to be able to travel in my spare time, I love being close to nature and historical. I started planning all the aspects of my business, the art side and the more complicated maths business side, during the virus outbreak, which stopped my secondary school journey early and gave me a perfect chance to take the time to plan something I thought was only a unreachable dream. 


One day during the boredom of lockdown, I said fuck it and started building a website, getting a following on social media and creating a YouTube channel. It's always been a dream of mine to be able to start a business and do freelance. I designed my business branding and ordered my products and packaging with hope, filled with the feeling of packaging and sending my first order. I planned to be fully ready and bursting with excitement by October 2020. The month I launched everything into action. I can't wait to keep growing and making new and unique products for everyone. 

I specialise in digital art and painting. However, I also use every other medium and supply I can get my hands on to experiment and be more expansive with the stuff I can use for my art and offer to others. Art is art and I don't like to or want to limit myself to just one material or idea. My creativity would struggle if I did that.  I handle and run my entire business by myself. Follow along on social media for multiple breakdowns, work in progresses and life updates, I promise you won't regret it.

For business inquiries or commissions, please get in touch with me through or private messages on instagram.

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