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Hello! I am currently accepting commission work.


Here is where you can find all the information needed to request commission work and how it will work. Please read the content on this page including the Terms and Conditions. 

My commission process goes into these steps for a majority of commissions. If this differs it will be mentioned and agreed upon by both parties. For each one, we will be in communication for approval before moving on to the next step.


  1. Sketch/Sketches

  2. Blocked colour sketch/sketches

  3. (Depending on the medium) a small painting studies

  4. Final colouring 

  5. Framing if requested 

  6. Delivery

Before this, I will request any information needed to correctly give a price and timescale. This varies from the specifics of every commission.


I will need details of address/email address to provide a price quote to be sent for approval to make sure I have understood the details of the commission correctly and you to read the price, timescale and terms and conditions again.

After the price quote is sent 20% of the total commission price must be put down as a non-refundable deposit.

Delivery and framing (if requested) are not included in the commission price and are a separate price column on the price quote and invoice.


Please contact me regarding any questions. I'll be happy to help. :)

Terms and Conditions for Art Commission Clients


The following terms and conditions apply to the commission service provided by Peter Roman to you, (the client).


Commission Requests

All commission requests are submitted to PeterRomanArt.

Ensure you have looked at my prices and art style before continuing.

Once a request has been received via active socials or website forms/chats, you will receive your acceptance or decline response within 7 days.

Peter Roman Art retains the right to refuse any commission request without explanation.


Commission Process

Once a commission request has been accepted by Peter Roman, it is (the client) responsibility to read the terms and conditions in full before continuing.

Peter Roman will send the commission brief as understood back to (the client) to accept.

You will receive your accept or decline price quote within 7 days in an email. Please Review the Price Quote fully and accept if you’d like to proceed with the commission. If decline please ignore the email and inform Peter Roman of the decision to not proceed.

Once you have accepted, please allow the confirmed timescale by Peter Roman for the commission for Peter Roman to work on your commissioned work.



Charges for services to be provided by Peter Roman are outlined in the commission sheet and confirmed on the commission request. Price quotations are valid for a period of 30 days. Peter Roman has the right to alter or refuse to honour a quotation after the expiry of the 30 day period.


Use of Photos and Copyrighted Images

If the commission is a replication of a photograph, (the client) will be required to provide suitable photographs for the commission work to be produced. (the client) must have permission to use such photographs & it is their responsibility to not breach any copyright laws. 

Peter Roman cannot reproduce a trademarked or copyrighted character without written permission from the Copyright owner due to United Kingdom law.



Peter Roman requires a (20%) deposit from (the client) to confirm and secure their commission.

This deposit is non-refundable unless the artist outlines they cannot fulfil the commission request for personal reasons.

If Peter Roman must terminate due to the inability to complete the work technically, a (10%) refund of the deposit will be honoured.

The deposit must be paid within 21 days and be paid via Wix Payments using a Debit/Credit card.



Peter Roman retains the right to terminate the art commission at any stage of the process without explanation.


Peter Roman reserves the right to stop working on or cancel the commission due to any terms being breached such as communication, inability to understand commission changes, or due to rude, difficult or inappropriate behaviour.

If (the client) would like to terminate the commission before it has been completed, Peter Roman retains the right to retain (20%) non-refundable deposit.

This honours Peter Romans's time spent and the resources used.


Usage rights

The commission cannot be used to enter any competitions online or offline.

The commission cannot be used for financial gain or marketing unless discussed otherwise. If the commission is for commercial use, new agreement terms must be signed.



Peter Roman will communicate with (the client) throughout the process of creating the commission.

It is (the client's) responsibility to respond with timely responses. Peter Roman will not continue to work on commission without written approval from (the client). Peter Roman will keep personal records of all (Client) correspondence and approval.

If Peter Roman has not received any response from (client) within 30 days, Peter Roman retains the right to cancel the commission. This also includes the non-refundable deposit. Peter Roman will send weekly communications on the (Client's) preferred method of contact to remind (the client) of their need to respond promptly.

If (the client) wishes to continue the commission at a later date they will be required to request a new commission request, sign a new commission agreement and pay another non-refundable deposit.


Artwork progress

Peter Roman will send (the client) the progress of the commission along the way. It is (the clients) responsibility to accept each progress stage before Peter Roman can continue to work on the commission.

At this stage, minor alterations can be requested. Peter Roman will outline whether this is possible to complete.

Peter Roman reserves the right to share “in progress” content to social media unless the (client) asks for this not to be done, for example, if the commission is confidential or a surprise gift.


Completion Stage

Once the Artwork is complete Peter Roman shares with (the client) a low-resolution, watermarked digital photo of the finished artwork.

At this stage, only very minor adjustments can be made. Once (the client) has accepted the digital photo, no more changes can be made.



Invoices for the remaining balance will be issued by Peter Roman upon completion of the commission & before collection/delivery. Invoices are primarily sent via email unless requested otherwise.

Payment must be received within 7 days of the invoice. Before the artwork is sent, the client must pay the remainder of the cost of the commission via Wix Payment with Debit/Credit Card.

Once payment is received in full, the artwork will be sent via (email/post)

It is (the client) responsibility to provide the correct (address/email address) to receive the artwork.



Peter Roman will provide a certificate of authenticity, signed and dated for the client with the information as provided.



Peter Roman retains the copyright to the artwork created from (the client's) commission.

Peter Roman will not reproduce the artwork & its usage will not be allowed on any other website apart from Peter Roman's website and social media pages, unless (the client) gives written permission to do so.

Peter Roman reserves the right to display the artwork on their website and social media pages. If a Client is unhappy about the artwork being displayed, they must declare this upon placing the commission.

(the Client) retains ownership of the artwork and has permission to share the artwork on social media as long as the artist is correctly tagged and identified.



The Client doesn't need to have signed any document for these terms and conditions to apply.


If (the client) has agreed to commission Peter Roman and the terms have been sent, then (the client) will be deemed to have read the terms and have accepted these terms and conditions in full.


Please read these terms and conditions carefully. Any commission acceptance implies that you have read, understood and accepted these terms and conditions.

Go to my portfolio page using the menu at the top called Portfolio to see more artwork and projects I've done or access more recent up-to-date every other day photos/videos using my social media for an idea of my skillset.


@peterromanart_ on Instagram. Peter Roman Art on Facebook. @Peterromanart on Tiktok.

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