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Art Trail walk and Photoshoot - Week 1 & 2

The 27th of September was the first session of my second year of uni there was a module intro and social gathering yesterday but no photos or work was done.

We had a digital session where we messed around with portraits and zoomed-in photos. Using a camera and a microscopic camera too I put it over my chest scars as you can see the more healed and faded ones and the more raised still a-bit red scars too.

On the 28th I went on a lovely walk and did the Sunderland Art Trail. We picked up some extra art places along the way I think haha nice surprises.

Well done to all the amazing artists it was inspiring to see such wonderful work up in all these places. (Instagram socials tagged below)

It’s amazing what little gems and hidden places you’ll find when you’re shown that you wouldn’t have a clue about otherwise.

I booked for the 6th of October the studio to get some photos done for my project. I got there and there were red and blue covers on the light and I thought ooo perfect I can do some colour again like I once did.

I wanted to experiment with more actioned poses with arms, face and eyes in different ways, rather than just face-on or sideways portraits.

We got the lights and settings on the camera right and started. We took 186 photos some blurry and some not. (Some blurry ones look good actually)

These will help me use to do sketching like life drawing, and painting and use digital skills too.

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