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Business is open!!!

Today on October 1st 2020, I am glad to announce that my business is finally open. The store is up and running. Feel free to explore my website. I put a lot of hard work into creating a simple and easy to use website. This business has been planning in my head for 5 years. Imagining the things I can sell and how it will go. This lockdown in June I decided to make it official and really start planning to open my business. This business has been a dream of mine for 5 years. To see it all come together with stress and a lot of time is just mind blowing. I hope you enjoy how I grow and improve as an artist and person over the years. My art is my life and my passion. To have a full time job making what I want and for people to enjoy it enough to but it for themselves is something my 11 year old self has always wanted to do in life all throughout school.

The making of my products and the setting up the boring business behind the scenes stuff was a lot more than I had always dreamed it would be. There was so much I didn't realise I needed to know and do to be able to make this officially happen. It has been fun, confusing and stressful but I wouldn't want to be doing anything else.

Now I'm in college full-time (2 days a week at the minute) doing Art and Design Level 3 Diploma I have the extra time I didn't have in secondary school to focus my attention to my business. I will work hard to grow my business and follow my dream. If there's one thing people should know is that no matter how impossible or unlikely your dream job or dream future seems it will always be possible to make happen if you keep pushing and reaching for it. An opportunity will always come forward.

Be sure to keep up to date on my other social medias.

Instagram: @Peterromanart_

Tiktok: @Peterromanart

Facebook: Peter Roman Art

Twitter: @Peterromanart

Pinterest: @Peterromanart

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