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Cyanotype Printing and Painting - Week 3

It was very interesting to see the different artworks. We did this at the end of our history lesson so I was all tired of reading the long texts so I just took in the artwork visually and learnt about some context from word of mouth from other classmates. I took pictures of any texts and can’t wait to read and research more online about the exhibits.

Mike Nelson: Hybrid Scripts and Jade Sweeting: 900 miles (from Home) were the names of the two exhibits that are currently on and in the photos.

The green paint on my wall which I will use throughout this project to paint other surfaces means the green gets colours splattered, brushes etc onto it. The idea comes from the theme of colour that I’m exploring. Using the fact my white wall got covered last year but I was at first trying to keep it clean. The green helps get out of that spot of trying to do that. The colours that show up on the green and possibly white around it will show how colour reacts to being on top of a colour compared to white. I also have the other wall space that I have left white which I hope will also showcase this too.

The cyanotype prints came out looking good on the first try. Think the acetate for the digital ones was too thin or the paper wasn’t completely dry before exposing which is why they have the fade on the face of the portrait. I love how they turned out even missing all the digital portrait details in the face part it really adds a nice touch. I can’t wait to do more cyanotype prints next week.

In the spare time I had during the week, I primed a canvas and put some red, green and purple acrylic on it. I wanted a coloured background on the canvas to begin this painting. At the minute I plan to build colour and layers up and slowly form a painting using references from the photoshoot that was previously taken. That is where the digital drawings come from that i did to help with mockups and adding the outline to the painting.

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