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Digital Art and Workshops - Week 10

I've had a busy but relaxing week. I took some well-deserved breaks as Christmas and the end of this project approached. I spent some time doing some art just for me but have included it in my project as it's a potential painting mock I'd love to try in oil/acrylic and I explored some different colour layer modes that help me understand colour theory and what effects I could achieve in future digital work. I only included my favourite ones. The first photo is the original digital art piece. I was able to use brushes and not be stuck to an outline freely and built it from background to foreground using some useful tutorials on how to put it all together. I didn't feel pressured by a mark or an audience and had a lot of fun. I wish to create more pieces like this in the future especially as they can influence and lead traditional made paintings. It helped me to understand each layer of paint that has to be done first and not get taken by the details. It will stop me from getting overwhelmed by an idea when I can break it down and undo mistakes easily first digitally, and then translate it to a surface after.

After that piece, I tried some colour theory exercises after reading 'Intersecting of Colours' by Albers which opened my eyes to how we see and perceive colours, especially after trying the exercises to see it first hand myself. The examples I've included, the square on one and the ovals seen on each piece both contain the same colour as each other. The background colour makes us perceive them differently no matter how hard you try to see the same colour. Some are more obvious than others to me.

During this week I was able to send my work in for a show I was nominated for. 'QUEER NOW!' It was an amazing opportunity. They asked for pre-existing work so I sent my two final works from a project last year where I explored gender and documented my transition. I met some amazing people including the artists that were also a part of the exhibit. It was a very quick turnaround exhibit and was up for the weekend only in The Long Gallery at The Hatton Newcastle University.

During this week I did multiple workshops that helped me expand my practice and skills.

I was able to get my lino design printed and used a range of papers using both a machine lino printer press and printing them by hand with my strength.

I started to stretch two new canvases at a large size that I hope to finish to continue my work on my next project after my Christmas break.

Lastly, I booked a silkscreen and embroidery workshop. We started with fabric which we screen-printed stencils onto the fabric to create a nice ombre colour. To ensure we weren't rushed we had to split this workshop in two, i plan to book in privately as im unavailable for the second half but im determined to get back in and add the finishing touches with embroidery onto my fabric pieces. I think embroidery will be something I could explore more in the next project and im bursting with ideas of how I could add this to my mixed media-based practice to further improve and expand my knowledge of creating.

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