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Glazing Experiments and Image Transfers -Week 4

I've been busy this week. I managed to get into the print workshop again with my fellow artist Daisy. We did more cyanotypes and I focused on making my digital images come out more clear and crisp. I achieved this by exposing them to the bulb for longer. Now this has been fine-tuned I want to move on to do other digital images and mix them with tissue to see how they layer on each other. The tissue effect was my favourite object I put under. I also plan to use some dead flowers as well.

I did some digital Photoshop work in which I learned on a tutorial how to use some key skills I didn't previously know about to recreate art in the style of an artist I've researched called Albert Seveso. Im really happy with how these turned out. I loved the effects I was able to create on the images I used. I didn't want a direct copy of his work but to learn how he does his practice and his methods and approaches to this.

I jumped on my iPad while I was in a tattoo session with my partner and after my tattoo sat and drew. I created a digital painting and to test out the different options I had to change the colour, levels and appearance of the image I made some contact sheets using Procreate for this digital painting. This is a useful skill I can now utilize when mocking up pieces on my iPad or even scanning pieces to mock up colours.

Since this module is all about methodology, skills and defining our practice I included some shots I got of my process of creating pieces. This is the start of a canvas work I can't wait to see how it turns out. I'm leaning towards mixed media style to experiment with layers, and colour and combine my strengths of digital and painting together in new ways I haven't done yet.

I loved how the image transfers turned out. I can’t wait to see where I can take this. Very excited. I remember I did this at college so I gave it a bit more research to make sure I remembered it and what I could use as a medium as I didn’t have a clue what the college made us use. These were testers I put in the page wrong and basically just glued it down flush to the paper. I did testers on paper, paper with paint, cardboard and canvas. I want to do one on wood but wanted to make sure these worked before using wood as it’s more money if it went wrong.

As an experiment and tester, I researched the glazing technique for painting. I've heard the term and seen it online in videos but never really understood it fully. After some reading and watching I understood the process and began doing testers after reading a tutorial. I tried acrylic and oil paint laid down first on paper, after it dried I glazed it with oil colour in a brown and purple colour. It's magical how it works, the colours created to make sense but it's mindblowing how they are created with this technique and im excited to apply it to my future practice and artworks.

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