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Googly Eyes and Writing - Week 11

This week, I focused on doing the last of my seminars and did work within my sketchbook, as well as a few personal errands and nights out (Disney on ice). I managed to do some googly eye experiments on some coloured paper to see how grouping them together would look—adding odd colours to create an anomaly in the piece to create a focal point.

Using the wood panel, which I did an image transfer on to see how it would hold on wood, I grabbed leftover paper waste from all the image transfer experiments. As one of my lecturers gave me the idea by saying they were interested in the pile of paper on the studio floor, I've been doing not to let the wood panel go to waste and to do wall and if I was going to use it and how I could so I entertained the idea. I added googly eyes to this one to match the different colours in the paper as if the eyes are blending in and being a part of the paper texture.

The first canvas piece is the process of adding, in white Posca pen, writing to the empty space on the canvas piece I've been doing. I really love how this turned out. I was scared to add to it as I loved how it looked, but I knew it was missing something. I could have ruined this so badly, but I loved adding the writing; it was therapeutic. I did the full background space around the photos and painted the figure. I took a halfway photo where I contemplated leaving it like that. I love the added detail it gave the piece, and I can’t wait to ass pen details to more pieces again.

The final picture shows the canvas when all the writing was done.

This is the finished piece “We Are Dying”, a transgender awareness piece.

All in one, it represents the freedom of transitioning using my body and face to represent this, as well as the colours within the grey, showing how much colour comes to life once we’re allowed to express who we are and feel safe with the people we love or find to love. How much colour can we find in life once we find love within ourselves? The words express the fears we go through every day, how we are enough and valued and how we fear what will happen to us if the government and world continue. We are dying, and no one is helping us, a key phrase repeated in the writing.

I plan to offer prints of this piece available on my website. The release date tbc should be before the new year.

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