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Hello Again.

Hello. Been awhile. I totally neglected my business and social present while I finished College and then prepared for univeristy and got settled. I just finished my introduction and first week of univeristy off.

The first week was health and safety workshops and introducing to teachers and class modules. My classes begin properly this coming week so I'm excited and feel ready to slowly build up to a regular ish social present and working on my business through my univeristy work as well so get ready to see alot of studio posts and experimental work I'll be doing.

This week while doing the workshop safety stuff and introductions to classes we got set a 100 drawing project. Some up there are redraft of art I alreadly had where I re did them or changed stuff on them. We had till today and I managed to get 100 done from Monday to Wednesday night.

I'm very proud and it really reactivated my need and want to create and produce. I cant wait for the upcoming works. It was alot putting them all up on the wall and I'm going to end up being moved as the space is really cramped and dark and i prefer light for my work haha as the class is bigger then they expected but they are sorting it currently. I got 90 on my wall and 10 on the collective wall we started as a class.

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