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Lino Cutting and Studio Work - Week 9

I had an un-motivated week last week but I did get a lot of work done. My sketchbook is up to date, I started and finished my lino cutting ready for printing within the next week. I did a few experiments and worked on studio pieces as well as some personal sketching studio practices.

After putting a glaze on the photos the image transferred to the cardboard piece, it helped bring some forward and ones I didn't. It created a sense of depth within the piece. After I was planning to add more, layers of materials, and mediums on top of the images which were going to act as a background. I lost sight of where it was going. I didn't know where to move forward with it. I felt like it wasn't what I had planned and I think it was because I went to big on the width and something about adding layers didn't sit well with me. I resorted to having fun, letting loose and having a really good laugh even after the weekend and being back in the studio. I nearly choke from laughing so much every time I see the masterpiece. I added a few googly eyes. I love the piece. Nothing I could have layered on top or added would of ever of topped the work of the googly eyes.

With the canvas piece, I lost motivation for this one as well I didn't feel like I could or wanted to add more oil paint to define the details and features. I opted to layering oil colours on top. I selected a palette of colours and just went in with them. Brought some of the colours I originally painted on it before adding the greyscale paint over it. I focused on making the facial features in the correct places as I noticed they were off a bit which I think is why I lost that want to continue to work on it every time I looked at it it seemed like too much of a problem to fix or just put me off wanting to try to work on it as I felt I had already ruined it with the grey oil paint. Since adding the colour with the oil pastels I think it looks amazing and way better than I was imagining in my head. I hit a few bumps with it but got it to a stage where im now excited to work on it again.

The lino print I did over two days between classes, was a lot of fun and very soothing to just sit and crave away at it. I think painting it pink was the smartest thing I've done. I saw it on Instagram and it helped me be able to know if I had missed any of the lino on the topmost surface for spaces where I had a big chuck to carve out. Since it goes from pink to grey when it's been carved it just helped my eyes and brain keep up with my hands and make fewer mistakes.

I made a few experimental pieces with gold and silver foil on canvas as a background which I hope to work into with some colours after a bit more in-depth research on a colour theory using a book I have purchased and will be delivered soon. I painted some paper green with the same green paint from the wall patch I did in my studio, I plan to lino print onto some and layer onto them heavily with mixed media, have fun with it and see what is produced.

Last but most exciting (except for the googly eyes piece) I was nominated for a last-minute exhibit which I will put more information about after the exhibit opens. I was contacted to submit pre-existing work so chose some digital work I could get printed out easily from my contemporary module last year. I was selected and contacted Graham our print technician to help print them out at the correct size. I packed them with tissue between them, rolled them up and put them in a box. My lecturer kindly offered to drop them off in Newcastle for me as I had a packed schedule and it was difficult for me to get to Newcastle for a quick drop-off.

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