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Linocut Printing Designs - Week 8

This week I did some nurturing of my inner artist and took a few trips of walks, shopping and a trip to the Manchester Christmas market which sparked inspiration. I got into the studio to finish the image transfers across the entire surface of the cardboard piece and added a glaze to some of them to bring some forward to bring some depth to the piece. I can't wait to add the next layers to this piece.

I added some acrylic paint in blue and red to the canvas piece to structure out the hair. I need some time and motivation to sit with this piece and figure out whether to add another paint layer and keep it painted or add some potential oil pastels on top and use lines and blending to bring some details into it to create depth and balance.

I did some lino printing designs digitally ready for a workshop I have booked. Im proud of these designs and very excited about lino printing. More so when I realise any designs I do for lino printing so far can also be used in my tattoo portfolio im building. This means any work into lino printing I do for my work can also be doubled and used for my portfolio as well.

I added some rough sketches I did in my sketchbook playing with colours and lines. they arent meant to be pretty but I do like what I created. It was a good time doing them as it loosened up my hands a lot.

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