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NO LIPSTICK LESBIAN SUPPORT HERE! Lesbian products are being taking down.

I'd like to just make an announcement that my lesbian butterflies sticker along with the other butterflies is a design from 2019 and my lesbian Bookmark and any other lesbain products that are currently posted using the lipstick lesbian flag colours is the reason why.

They were made before I was made aware of the horrible person who created and that they were basically sexualising lesbians and was a racist and the flag excludes butch and non feminine lesbians.

I will be taking the lesbian products down and the lgbt sets including the lesbian one in will no longer have the lesbain one in and will come with a random second one of one of the other designs designs you will get one of each design except the lesbian one and one design you'll get two of.

I will be in the near future this year redesigning the products with the sunset flag and will update the packs of lgbt products like the stickers and Bookmark set I currently have and repost the separate lesbian ones and when I do I'll make a blog post about it.

I hope noone has cancelled me because of my not being in with the news of this at all. I had no idea at all or I'd never of used those colours and would of made this announcement ages ago.

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