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Oil Painting and Starting a Big Piece - Week 6

This week I took some personal time to travel to visit some family and was working two days a week so I couldn't come into the studios. I did get a lot more than I thought done between classes and staying late after them.

I did two layers of oil paint on a canvas, the first layer was colourful but it didn't connect well with me and I felt myself struggling. I don't think it was a painting day for me. A few days later I went back over it with greyscale colours keeping some of the colours in with it. Once this has dried I plan to glaze over it. Im not too worried about details of faces just yet as im unsure if I want them to be readable or not.

I started a bigger piece as I wanted to expand how far I could take the image transfers as smaller pictures. The plan is to collage a background for working over just image transfers. I'm not sure what mediums I'll use over the top of them yet until I see the finished background look. I'm excited to see where this bigger piece takes me. I still have around 30 image transfers to put on.

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