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Project Outline

This is my plan of work which helps outline what my project is, the ideas and the goals so I have something guiding my project and a starting point for brainstorming and getting started. I like to be able to see what I've stuck to, what didn't work out or go further and what path came that I didn't think of at the start. Going through a rabbit hole.

Plan Of Work

-          What interests or drives you?

o   The understanding of LGBT Queer theory drove the idea of this subject at the beginning. I wanted to investigate why particular dynamics of love were hated and still are from society's opinions.

o    I want to use my personal queer relationship to be the emotion and face of this project. I want to convey the passion and power of a queer relationship to showcase what a couple has to feel like, act like and go through because of societal norms on relationships.

o   I would also like to touch on the difficulties for transgender individuals in forming connections and finding relationships. The struggles I went through personally and thinking I’d only ever date someone else of Transgender identity, and that was all I’d be able to find and deserve.

o    I'm bad at showing emotions within the connections I have now; I have bad habits that I'm currently working on to create a deeper relationship and sustain friendships from bad connections and relationships I have in the past.

o   So, this project, specifically towards my partner, will convey emotions that I sometimes lack. A passionate, healthy obsession. There’s nothing more romantic, I think, than a partner using their passion/hobby and involving it around you. I'm hoping that, in a sense, I’ll be able to convey both issues within the world for queer relationships and me with the inability to say the right words.


-          What materials do you think might serve your investigation?

o   I will be exploring some familiar materials and processes to keep accurate to my passions while also exploring some old and new materials to keep evolving my practice.

o    I will continue with oil and acrylic paint, mark-making materials like oil pastels, pastels, paint markers, etc. and spray paint.

o   I would like to develop the skills of watercolour and ink, including fine liners and using the embroidery machine to add details to work.

o   I'm planning to use canvas, mostly raw canvas with cut edges, to show the raw look to it convey the vulnerability within a relationship, especially a queer one.

o   I will also explore paper; both ripped and clean-cut edges, to see which portrays the look I'd like to go with the most, so the paper finish is just as important to show the message and emotion in the artwork. I will mainly use paper for fine liners, watercolours, inks and drawing skills, but I would like to experiment with mixed media.


-          What possible exhibition sites/participatory project opportunities do you intend to explore and research? Why?

o   I want to explore and research the Baltic, Tate British, NGCA, Breeze creatives, the Rainbow Hub, Pride events, Washington Arts Centre, and the Hatton. With these venues, I would like to visit, if too far away, websites to collect information and a visual on the spaces they have to offer to host an exhibit. With the rainbow hub, it would be more of a social gathering for LGBT+ individuals to support and meet others, hear about the project, see the works and help with a piece as a collaborative piece.

o   Another idea I think would convey the theme of the artwork better is to host a gathering or workshop almost exclusive to classmates, friends, and family to be invited to help with a collaborative piece who support myself, Ace, and our relationship to show that support and community are a significant factor in helping push the social stigma of queer relationships away. This work could be featured online after this gathering as an online exhibit and used in the group show.

o   I need to research why some spaces feel inaccessible to LGBT+ creatives, even if they aren’t, and why that fear is there, even if it’s just myself. Why a place accessed by just people I know feel more comfortable and safer?


-          What is the critical Context for this work?

o   The critical contexts I will explore are LGBTQ+ history, feminist theory, and queer studies and theory. These will provide a deeper understanding and interpretation of my relationship and the themes I'm expressing.

o   The feminist theory could be a valuable critical context to my project because it focuses on examining power dynamics, gender roles, and societal expectations. By incorporating feminist theory, I’m exploring how queer relationships challenges and subvert traditional gender norms and contribute to a broader conversation on gender equality. It will provide a lens which I can use to analyse and express unique accepts of my relationship and experiences I've had as a transgender individual. Feminist theory will help highlight the importance of inclusivity, dismantling stereotypes, and promoting diverse narratives.

o   Why do some establishments, specifically creative ones, feel inaccessible and unsafe in ways to reach to achieve compared to others?


-          What are your research strategies, and where are you looking for inspiration?

o   I will do research using articles, books and documentaries.

o   I use my relationship, my past of not thinking I'd ever be here, from having certain boundaries, beliefs, and concerns about relationships.

o   I’ll use inspiration from other artists using the same materials and subject.

o   I am considering possibly looking into mythology, as there are a lot of relationship dynamics for insight, however terrible they are. I want to also explore a time period that wasn’t accepting of queer relationships and create a sense of history in my work. We’ve come a long way, but we still have work to do for acceptance of queer relationships.



-          What are your goals?

o   My goals are to learn about queer theory, relationships in depth, LGBTQ+ history, feminist theory.

o   I want to explore new materials and ways of working to develop my practice more. Practice current, old and new skills and combine them together in ways that work so I’m not limited to one material, one surface, and one style in my practice. Having works that differ from each other showcases how dynamic relationships are, too. Not one is the same.

o   Plan a hypothetical/live exhibit or think about the idea of a socially engaged project that embraces collaboration as working together and as a team is a key factor in resolving the issues the LGBTQ+ community faces. If it can be done on an artwork, it can be done in the world.

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