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Research, Audio and Photography - Week 5

Week 5 consisted of a lot of sketchbook and research work. I managed to help a fellow artist and classmate Daisy photograph her work for a submission of an open call. I was thrilled she trusted me with helping; it was a fun experience.

I tested image transferring on a wood panel. I think I rubbed too hard in certain areas and rubbed it right down to the wood. After I did this I tested how the transfer would react to a glaze over it after getting the idea of making the images I put on the big canvas pop like varnishing but bring the colour to life. I tested it on the wood panel first to see how an oil paint glaze would react which worked better than expected. I applied the glaze over the images on the canvas as well. I waited a few days to let it dry and haven't been able to continue the canvas work before week 5 concluded.

I was able to get prep work for risograph printing which I've booked myself in to do on the 6th of November. I haven't done as much as I would have liked to as I had to work some extra shifts at work for two weeks to cover a holiday and for leading up to Halloween support.

We also had an audio/sound workshop which was great to be shown and asked about how to put together this idea ive had for sound. Im still working on it which im hoping will be an impactful audio piece once it's done that provokes reaction, thoughts and emotions.

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