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Risograph Printing - Week 7

Not a lot outside of research, sketchbook work and risograph printing happened. I had an amazing time experimenting and exploring with the Risograph printers. It's something I want to do more of. Another amazing way to combine my photographs and digital elements into a printed piece. I love that technically printmaking the printers are just big screen printing printers haha.

Other than this workshop I only did research work and sketchbook work. In art history, I received the assignment brief to begin work on the essay which took up some of my week as well. The buses being on strike and the metro travel pass only going from St Peters and we leave one more past it at Stadium of Light makes it hard to get into the studios and/or back so I have to leave earlier than normal or have to spend money to get to the studios which isn't the best and has stopped me a few times getting in. I have focused on sketchbook work at home and researching to fill the time I haven't been able to get to the studios.

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