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Settling into Univeristy

I did my introduction week and have nearly now finished my second proper week of univeristy. Here's what's been happening so far.

Monday 26th September

The set challenge of 100 drawings in a week project we got. This was to do along side the introductions for classes and the health and safety workshops. I managed to get 100 done by Wednesday night and today I've spent my time in the studio sticking them to my studio wall. I put 90 up on my studio wall and the other 10 are on the collective wall where everyone is putting some pieces of their work up. Everyone loved my hand silhouettes so those went on the collective wall.

Monday 3th October

University Art118 Fine Art Making Skills. First week. We got introduced to the module which is a 3 week building world's themed project for painting. This module began with us having the task to make 5 collages which I did that day in session. When I got home I dabbled in making some quick digital sketches which took the theme of Greek Mythology quickly.

I have tonight finished some drawings and sketches of the collages or portraits to then turn into the 10 paintings we need to make for the start of the lesson next monday. I have everything set up to start completing the paintings tommorrow.

I'm very excited to see what different paintings I make and how they change from me using different materials. I'm hoping they'll let me stay on this Greek Mythology path as I'd love to dabble into it more using me and my parnter and maybe some friends as references to painting some of the gods and goddesses of different things.

Thursday 6th October

I did a history class in the morning where I got a tour and look around the library's on the campuses. I was informed where the sections were that I'd need and how to check books in and out and use the computers to search for books.

I had my first contemporary Drawing class where for the next 3 weeks we'redoing live drawing with a model. It was an experience in a half and I did throughly enjoy having the experience of standing up with an easel, using charcoal properly for the first time and being told how to life draw correctly and let loose. Not caring about perfection and just trying different poses, techniques and challenges.

This week's was all about making us get use to always looking at the model and drawing what we see not what we think we see, and learning basic shapes and portportions. I really enjoyed it and I can't wait to see how much progress I make by the end of the live drawing part of this module.

Monday 10th October

Today I started the day with a colour mixing class and a making paints class. Don't think I've ever taken as many notes as I have for a class then I did in this one. It was very informative and something I have been interested in learning and knowing how to do since seeing people making paint on YouTube and tiktok a few years ago but there isn't very many accessible ways or information about paint making around.

We did some colour mixing and theory in abit of depth to recap skills taught in early years and to had a go at colour matching. I'm very proud with how close I got mine to match and then we did a 'Make one colour appear like two' which was intersting to learn about the visuals of that and how having the same colour behind two different colours makes it appear darker or lighter even though its the same colour.

I took pictures of my 10 paintings I did during the week for the building world's painting project which didn't all go or turn out how I wanted as some I wanted to use acrylic for some and working into others with pencil but just didn't have the inspiration to get my idea and vision from my head to paper.

I did a stretcher workshop in the afternoon. We're doing another next monday after the glue sets to put the canvas on and stretch it over. I had alot of fun doing this surprisingly it's really good to know how and what I'd need to make these. It got my to be more hands on and practical which is always nice from just sitting around and drawing.

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