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Show Proposal

Important Notice -

This category of blog posts is about a module/project for my Fine Art Degree. This particular module contains an element to plan every aspect and make the work to be put in a hypothetical exhibit. This means the exhibit isn't planned for real, it's all pretend for my grade. This is so we get real-life experience and learn the elements and factors of putting on an exhibit. This means everything is thought about, the context, budgets, audience, why etc but no Exhibit is happening. This blog post talks about the Baltic which I have decided to be the place where my hypothetical exhibit would "happen". I'm not affiliated with the Baltic; this is university work.



Artist Statement


Working in paint and mixed media, Peter aims to raise awareness about the social stigma and political issues faced by the LGBTQ+ community. To achieve this, Peter conducted extensive research on the history and culture surrounding this topic, which peter combined with his personal experiences. This process enables peter to create a visual narrative that speaks to the heart and challenges societal norms.


Show Proposal

There are 18 artworks in total. There are 2 stretched canvas pieces, 12 paper drawings, 2 wooden panels and two videos. Each piece is a different piece of mixed media practice, most conveying my queer relationship in the hope of raising emotion from the viewer and conveying the underlying message. The sizes of these pieces are different and are listed below:

The Canvas Pieces are both 90x115cm.

The Wooden Panels are 42x61cm and 61x42cm.

Paper Drawings range sizes: 110x51cm, 21.5x38.5cm, 29x22cm, 40x29cm, 27x43cm, 40x29cm, 40x29cm, 22.5x18.5cm, 19x22.5cm, 22x22.5cm, 17.5x22.5cm, 22.5x27cm, 22.5x29cm.

The video files are 1 minute and 30 seconds and 1 minute and 37 seconds.

The pieces of work are attached to the bottom of the document for viewing.

I want to convey the message to the viewers that queer relationships and dynamics have hidden and visible issues because of societal stigma. After researching queer theory, I realised there's been a lot of moments in my relationship that have been normalised as okay because we were queer. However, a heterosexual relationship would never have to worry, think or be concerned about the same things. The stereotypes of a queer relationship and the dynamics are topics to be discussed as well. I think this issue for the LGBT+ community is something to get awareness about and start a conversation about. My work will be that starting point.

In many pieces, hidden or invisible parts of the art are only activated by darkness or UV light. This is because I believe LGBT issues are brushed under a rug and hidden sometimes. The blindfolds featured in some photos with my partner relate to the emotional and psychological part where we sometimes have to hold back or act not together to be safe or not get bothered in public situations. When blindfolded, we don’t get to see each other with love for the other; we have to hide parts of ourselves, blinding ourselves.  Therefore, I want the exhibit room to be lit up by UV light which will active these parts of the artwork, and give the room this dark, purple glow like a nightclub would have almost, giving into the research of the LGBT community being underground clubs and meetups. Tapping into that rich history of the LGBT community and the challenges they faced and how they overcame these.

I chose to paint large and small parts of work on different surfaces and use a range of mixed media to represent the different identities and transitions that LGBT individuals go through, including my partner and I. Having hidden parts that only reveal in certain circumstances shows that some individuals only feel safe and comfortable being who they are in certain situations, places or around certain people. The issues LGBT individuals face at the minute are that we need all the representation, awareness, and support we can get, and my way of doing that is through art and talking about it. It will bring people together at a time when things are uncertain and scary.

For Hanging the pieces, Canvas wall brackets screwed to a wall for canvases and nails for the bulldog clips for the paper pieces will be needed to install this show. I’d like to paint the walls black so they aren’t a stark white colour as this brings a unique and vibrant atmosphere that will enhance the experience for visitors compared to art galleries and exhibits that have plain white walls. Using colour on the walls is a powerful way to visually represent and celebrate the diversity and vibrancy of the queer community.

I propose doing the show opening for the 1st of June for the start of pride month and so the show is open during pride month too and will enhance the show’s meaning and be a perfect time to put it on. It’s during the summer so it will mean my focus can be on the show due to the university year being over.

These are mock up install plan/ideas I’ve done on photoshop using the Baltics archives of other shows set ups. The red colour for the exhibit entrance is a deep and passionate red to show the love and intimacy of the work and context of this project but also symbolise the horrors the LGBT community face to this day, an ongoing fight.

I’ve also mocked up some posters for the exhibit and edited images featured on the poster that can be used for marketing material. I tried to stay clear of images I had used in artwork so all the art in the show is a new experience, in that way, the posters themselves are an artwork of the show too.

These images can be seen on this blog posts:

I want to accommodate an artist talk and a workshop showcasing my art practice and research through a series of different activities and bring people together in collaboration over an important topic.

Workshops and talks are a great chance to give people an insight to the exhibit, work, context and research that I do as an artist and what has gone into this show. It’s a good chance to empower LGBT individuals attending and have a community come together through art. It’s important to express why educating in this topic is important through all types of ages and audiences.

The artist talk and workshop plans can be seen on this blog post:

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