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The end to a good week

Today I had an art histories class where we did some looking into the art history books we issued from the library and a QandA with an art historian. It was a very interactive lesson and we wrote on the tables and stuff and gave our teacher some pictures and titles of artworks from the books that caught our attention.

In my Contemporary Drawing class we did another live life drawing session. We started off with some exercises from last time to get loosened up again and then we went onto doing some drawings where we only blocked out the dark vaules we saw leaving the light vaules to be done by the white paper. She created different shapes and patterns using a projector. We used black paper and white charcoal to do the opposite of the white vaules as well. At the end she used some red fragments and got us to use an oil pastel. You can tell I started to get tired at that point as my drawing proportions are a tad off, in my opinion, and I went quite big and cut off alot of the model but the teacher loved that I went bigger rather then smaller.

I'll be doing weekly updates on my univeristy days now that I've caught up so next Post will be Friday to Sunday.

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