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Univeristy update last of the live drawings class

Thursday 13th October

Today I had an art histories class where we did some looking into the art history books we issued from the library and a QandA with an art historian. It was a very interactive lesson and we wrote on the tables and stuff and gave our teacher some pictures and titles of artworks from the books that caught our attention.

In my Contemporary Drawing class we did another live life drawing session. We started off with some exercises from last time to get loosened up again and then we went onto doing some drawings where we only blocked out the dark vaules we saw leaving the light vaules to be done by the white paper. She created different shapes and patterns using a projector. We used black paper and white charcoal to do the opposite of the light vaules as well. At the end she used some red fragments and got us to use an oil pastel. You can tell I started to get tired at that point as my drawing proportions are a tad off, in my opinion, and I went quite big and cut off alot of the model but the teacher loved that I went bigger rather then smaller.

Monday 17th October

In my building world's project we got a lesson in Painting as many things and a take away task of making a small sculpture and then making a painting/drawing ect which is larger than our own body. I got a hot glue gun some zip ties as I couldn't find wire to make a skeleton for them and put hot glue gun for a base and dripped glue down the zip tie to make a stalk and then a flat blob of glue to make the top of the mushrooms and made a small mushroom sculpture. I love how it turned out and took some reference photos of the sculpture.

I put some sketches onto some canvases I had ready to paint over the week and I did my last canvas stretcher workshop today which was alot of painful fun. I cant wait to Prime and paint this I'm trying to figure out how to get the sketch I want on the canvas after priming it tommorrow or Thursday so I can paint it with Oil paints over a period of time.

I also started in the piece that's got to be larger then my own body with the mushrooms. I started out by adding brusho to the paper in different colours to make a trippy background which is at the studio drying currently.

Thursday 20th October

I missed histories class and only just made it for an hour to my last Contemporary live drawing class as I was feeling not good at all from pre surgery medication I took Wednesday night I learned how to measure from using my arm extended and using the pencil to measure. I stayed long enough to learn the basics of 1:1 which I'm happy about. I had surgery on Friday so they'll be no Monday 24th October update and possibly no Thursday Update depending on how I recover this week coming. Have a great weekend everyone.

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