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Week 1 - Prep Work, Module Begins...

Before the module started, I had a time when I wasn't in sessions and was finishing off handing in assignments for the last module. I planned and did a photoshoot to get reference and digital images to further my work in this new module. I knew the idea I had in my head was to explore Queer theory and use my partner and our relationship as a focal point.

As well as the photo shoot, I made two canvases so I could prepare them with gesso and an underpainting, so after the movie introduction, I was able to get right into making. I got my partner to help in both aspects of the photo shoot and canvas-making to jump on the project theme of our relationship as a queer relationship. Coming together to help create the foundation of the project.

I selected some photos from the photoshoot to edit using Lightroom to give each of them an emotion, meaning, and vibe behind them.

In the last module, I started a silkscreen and embroidery workshop where I couldn't do the second half of using the embroidery machine. After Christmas, I contacted Hannah to get booked to learn how to use the machine. Preparing digital drawing files into the right one for the machine to use, threading the machine, and learning how to fix each problem it might come up with. I used a silkscreen piece that I had made in the first workshop to try it first and moved on to a t-shirt I had spare for the second. I used a fantastic glow-in-the-dark thread, which opens the possibility of doing work with light-sensitive details.

I used a project to get a loose sketch using pastels in a complementary colour to what I planned to paint on the canvas, so the outline disappeared quickly to one of the prepared canvases. I used newsprint and tape to mask the outline and took it down to the spray painting booth to add the background. I used colours that reflected the photoshoot gel colours that were in the lights and added some details using some stencils I got from The Range when I went to spend giftcards I got for christmas.

I also started doing some research in a journal notebook, which I plan to continue throughout the module.

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