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Week 10 3rd April to 9nd April 2023

To start let’s see how much of the weekly goals I set I got done.

Week 10:

-sketchbook writing I put more picture in but trying to write is hard when on a bed and unable to write without my arm stretching to much which pulls my chest

-poster designs I plan to get this done after i get some of my work tasks done for all three modules

-photography experiments i got this done but for my other module as i got confused which one this was talking about till i opened the files so this shouldn’t have been on the list for this module and on last week’s blog.

-artist statement i checked through the comments i got on the first draft sent and corrected them I’m unsure if i should add more yet

This week up till Wednesday i spent it updating my sketchbook and using my computer to overlay sketches and edit some photographs but that was for a different module. I also cracked on with my history essay, drawing statement and my artist statement by correcting feedback i had received on it. I used my time i can spend on my phone without feeling tired or when i didn’t need to sleep and rest to research exhibitions and layouts.

On Wednesday i had an appointment for my two week check-up in London so we left early for the 8am train and didn’t get home till 7pm, which tired me out a lot so i watched tv and slept when we got back. That was my first time seeing my chest which was amazing and i got told how to change the dressings. Thursday i had a photoshoot for my two week post op, after i spent the day to relax and went to a few shops to get out and about for fresh air and the cinemas as sitting in a comfortable chair instead of the bed and being out the flat was a great change. After i got taken to my partners in laws for the first shower since surgery and it was amazing.

From Friday to Sunday i didn’t do much except some drawings of my studio which I’m hoping will help when planning layouts for the show in May and updating my sketchbooks with photos.

Week 11:

-Artist Statement

-Sketchbook updated

-Sketchbook writing started

-Photography Editing and digital

Small list but i have stuff for my other two modules to also do as well, of course while resting as well.

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