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Week 13 24th April to 30th April 2023

To start, let’s see how much of the weekly goals I set I got done.

Week 13:

- Clear studio. Done taking it out tomorrow

- Prints for show. Partially done sending files tomorrow

- Plan setup for the exhibition. Yes, doing sketches for it this week in more detail

- buy frames or hangings for display. Not yet going to do it tomorrow and Friday

I used this week to focus on my drawing module, which is due on Thursday. For the studio and show module, I only have left to finish the sketchbook with photos and writing, which isn’t a lot that I have yet to do. I also need to plan more detail and buy the hanging fixtures and frames to display the artwork.

That is why I don’t have any photos of work to add. None psychical, as I can't work like that on a scale that’s not small due to recovering still. I also have focused all my digital efforts on my module due first and in a few days to ensure I'm prioritising.

Week 14:

-detailed plans for exhibit hanging

-buy frames and hangings for displays

-sketchbook updates

Small list, but I have stuff for my other two modules to do as well, of course, while resting still.

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