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Week 15 8th May to 15th May 2023

To start, let’s see how much of the weekly goals I set I got done.

Week 15:

-Buy frames Done

-Sketchbook finished Done

-Assessment usb Updated Done

-Floors and walls of the studio painted Done

-Paintings and photographs hung Done

-The Show Done

I had a busy but successful final week leading up to the show. This week was spent in the mornings till noon/early afternoon getting my studio ready for the show installation.

This included filling any holes with

Poly filler and painting the walls. I was able to do this with some extra help to factor in that I can't reach or stretch up or do hard diy work for long periods alone.

After this was all done on Wednesday, I went to the shops to buy some frames and early Thursday myself and my partner installed all my pieces using bulldog clips, nails and frame hooks and wire.

The process was hard work but a lot of fun to not only do and learn myself but also teaching my partner some new skills for hanging pieces and diy.

I took some photos of the work we put up on the two walls but come Friday before the show I was called to ask if my big canvas and print could be moved to fill some white wall space no one had claimed to which I said yes too. For the show, my work was therefore dotted around making a lead up of my work to the main two walls where the majority of my work was which I loved.

To improve in future installations and exhibits I would include my social handles and website with the name and collection/project description. This is so people outside of my family and friends can find links and connections to see future work building the audience who follow my art career.

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