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Week 3 13th Feb to 19th Feb 2023

The title says week 3 as I'm going off the timetable, I have for this module so it stays in line with that. The first two weeks was introductions and self-negotiated plans which I couldn't really upload a picture of anything to the blog.

The first proper week of work and classes past the introduction lessons is over with. Using the week to crack on with research in between the lessons and studio time I used was a great way to really delve into the project. It helped refine and help me make some weekly goals to get done. This week was to get the computer documents done like myself negotiated plan, artist statement planned, sketchbook up to date and research done, which I got done plus more so I’m really happy with the progress made.

During a Tuesday workshop of learning about digital cameras, we looked at all the equipment and tried some ourselves. Near the end myself and some friends took turn using the digital Nikon camera and studio lightening to do a mini photography studio shoot in the classroom. We stayed behind and all had a turn modelling and taken photos basically. I joked saying they'd be good profile pictures and could be used to put a more up to date professional looking photo for my website.

In the Tuesday afternoon I attended an Artist talk and exhibit at the Breeze Creatives. Artist Su Jayne Devine talked about how they got into the Creative industry and about the exhibit 'Curious of the Minds' which was all to do with mental health and its effects which was great for my project and research. I thoroughly enjoyed it considering dolls can sometimes freak me out badly.

During Thursday in between lessons at lunch I used some spare canvas I had left over from making stretchers and pinned it to the wall along with some paper. Using a paint roller, scraper, brush, white emulsion and acrylic paint as well as my hands eventually, I created 4 pieces of work. It really got me inspired and I loved the raw effect of the unstretched canvas with little bit of creasing and folds in it. It added raw emotion in of being tattered and rough looking and to me it gives the 'not everything is perfect', like what a stretched canvas would look like. Getting in with my hands made the process more personal and connected with the pieces and the desired effect of blends and strokes I was after. It pushed me out my comfort zone and got me creating in a none perfectionist way.

This Weeks Goals:

- Get stretched Canvas

- Make 5 Paintings and Drawings

- Research

- Photography Studio Session (Wednesday I have it booked in)

List is pretty short and sweet for this week as tomorrow I'm off to London.

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