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Week 3 - Embroidery and Glow in the Dark painting

The week started well; I was able to get some more embroidery done. I experimented with how well it would go through a painted surface and planned to do stuff on top of the paint as I added the design to the bottom corners. The rainbow thread to gold is a great idea to get the meaning of the works and message across. The rainbow human hand represents the LGBT Community, and the gold on the skeleton hand represents the power and resilience LGBT individuals have.

I used this week to get the spray-painted background on my second canvas. I had put an outline on and planned to leave the blue empty space with the outline, but I realised I didn't like how it looked with the white gap where I ran out of the blue paint, which I thought would be an underpainting. After doing the background, I did digital mock-ups to see which colour would work well. I primed the area with white and put the first layer of gold paint on top. I plan to put the outline back over the top of the gold paint.

Amongst the canvas work I did, I started a larger charcoal piece after successfully getting the glow-in-the-dark tester papers to work. I had to shake the can vigorously before opening it, not just stir it well. I wanted to test how it would lie over the top of the charcoal, as I tested paint but not other materials. I set the charcoal in place after doing it, and with the design being quite a dark black in most places, I couldn't use a projector to help put the clear glow-in-the-dark paint on and had not yet invested in a UV light, which will hopefully help from this day on. I had to free-hand the design on, which was nerve-wracking but got me out of the comfort zone I'm used to and was a lot of fun. I found a dark space to test it out, and it looked a lot cooler than I thought it could and sparked my creativity.

This got me working on the weekend in McDonald's on further developing two of the sketches from last week with Fineliner and experimenting with the different ways to use them and line sizes. I also worked on mock-up sketches I could do of drawings and how I could add the glow-in-the-dark elements to them in my sketchbook. I can't wait to try these ideas out on a larger, detailed scale.

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