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Week 4 20th Feb to 26th Feb 2023

To start let’s see how much of the weekly goals I set I got done.

Week 4 Goals:

- Get stretched Canvas Done

- Make 5 Paintings and Drawings Done

- Research Done

- Photography Studio Session (Wednesday I have it booked in) Done

Considering I went to London on Tuesday and missed a day at the studio I think I got a lot done still.

On Monday we had a lovely lesson with a guest Holly Argent who had put together a talk and visual element of their work and exhibits. In the afternoon, they did an activity with us which included us having to bring an object with us. I choose the ring I always wear on my finger as it has great meaning to me. We wrote down different words prompted from questions we were giving. Since it is quite personal i haven’t included a picture. I originally wrote the answers down on a paper we were giving but i also took a picture of it so later i could make a record of it in my sketchbook.

On Tuesday I missed a video editing workshop but we have a second part this upcoming Tuesday where I hope to catch up. I went down to London to go to a top surgery consultation and my partner and I spent the whole day there to get the money worth of the train tickets. It went amazing for anyone curious. (As I'm writing this on week 5 Monday, I have the surgery booked and paid for to happen on the 22nd of March) During Wednesday I had the photography studio booked in for the afternoon. I took my friend Megan who was really patient while I got the studio set up and the camera working. I spent this photoshoot messing with the different kinds of lightening I could and also a red light that was already set up which was handy.

This really got me into how the camera and lights work together and I fiddled on with the settings of the lights changing them to be low or high, turning some off and changing where they point and to where Megan was. It was a lot of fun and it’s really going to help me when I next book a photoshoot in get right to work to what I want and don’t want in terms of poses and lightening mostly.

I feel more confident knowing how to work the equipment and camera that I can get straight into it next time. This session to play around 121 with a friend was exactly what I needed to help me develop the skills and understanding to do work for both my contemporary module and my new art180 module.

I got 268 photos and I’ve picked my favourite and confirmed with Megan I’m okay to pick them. Thank you for being such a wonderful model for me.

I had to really problem solve at one point as I was messing around, I decided to see how the pictures changed with the back lights turned on and when I turned them on and took pictures I could of swore they were meant to flash with the picture. It took me a good few rounds of taking photos, which did end up with a moody atmosphere and slight red finish, to realise the lights were not synced right. Turned out the lights were on a different channel to the camera so I quickly changed it and they started flashing and showing up on pictures better.

During Thursday in between lessons I used the un-stretched canvas I got on Monday morning and cut some big and little pieces for it to start with. I wanted to play around with how absorbent the canvas is and used brush pigment and a spray bottle with water in to make unique patterns. Some I hung up which caused them to drip and move, the others lay flat on the floor and created puddles of colour. The canvas wasn't as absorbent as I thought so it took a bit to dry and didn't take as much water or pigment as I thought it would.

Week 5 Goals:

-Photoshoot (Friday)

-10 to 15 Sketches

-Catch up on digital workshop from last Tuesday

-continue un-stretched canvas work

-Sketchbook up to date

stepping up the difficultly in the list and the amount I have to do. I also have contemporary module and history to do as well.

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