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Week 5 27th Feb to 5th March

To start let’s see how much of the weekly goals I set I got done.

Week 5 Goals:

-Photoshoot (Friday) Done

-10 to 15 Sketches Not done, well one and a half because my iPad froze and had to be restored and it only got done Thursday night and it took me till Friday to set it up again

-Catch up on digital workshop from last Tuesday Done

-continue un-stretched canvas work Done

-Sketchbook up to date Done

On Monday, our lesson was rescheduled and we had tutorials so I stayed in the flat a bit longer and went in later that afternoon. In the afternoon, I did some computer and sketchbook work in the studio.

On Tuesday I missed a video editing workshop last week but we had a second part, I learnt how to use premiere pro and using loads of old snapchat videos I had I put them on my computer so I was able to work on this outside of access to the studio building and getting into the Mac rooms. I used the rest of the day to work on the video. I used my entire afternoon and night on the video. It crashed when I had added text so I had to do that twice which took up some extra time. I’m an expert on putting text on videos now.

Wednesday I spent the day doing some test mock-ups with charcoal in the studio and attending a st Peters tour and interview with my partner to show support.

During Thursday I had an appointment and a contemporary lesson so I was unable to complete anything between these for Art180.

On Friday I had a photoshoot with my partner where we took photos for art180 and also contemporary. I learnt how to put a timer on the camera and use a tripod as I had to set it up to take photos so we could get photos together as well as individual ones but those were for contemporary. They can be seen on my socials if interested. After I went to the studios and went between the digital suite to transfer the photos from the memory card to my computer. I also did some charcoal on the canvas pieces from last week to start building layers to it.

Week 6 Goals:

-10 sketches (now iPad is fixed ha-ha)

-layers on canvas

-straighten the cut canvas up

-edit favourite photography photos

-start a big canvas piece

-enquire prices for printing photography photos

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