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Week 6 6th March to 12th March 2023

To start let’s see how much of the weekly goals I set I got done.

Week 6 Goals:

-10 sketches (now iPad is fixed ha-ha) Done

-layers on canvas Done

-straighten the cut canvas up Done

-edit favourite photography photos Done

-start a big canvas piece Done

-enquire prices for printing photography photos Done

On Monday, our lesson was a workshop where we got prompt words in groups. We made structures/sculptures to these prompts, projected them and then used materials to create artworks on paper. My group got weave, to expand and loose. We used to string, sticks and paper clips which we turned into chains to create a loose feeling and expanded these chains on the projector. At night i used lightroom to edit the photography photos i really liked best. Instead of jumping to print one of these edited photos really big for the show side of the module and take the easy route i want to overlay, layer, add and take away using the photographs and experiment to see what works best to get one of those printed out big.

On Tuesday, I started adding layers to the smaller canvases and also went and straightened the cut pieces of canvas i had done. I got the idea from the technician to layer the cut canvas, to layer and overlap them to create one big piece. I could either paste them onto a board to keep them there or pin them up and when taking down they become smaller pieces of work again. This idea really sparked some creativity but not for this module and also, I’m having surgery soon so trying to get more pieces done in limited days would stress me too much and i really want to have the time to explore and develop that idea more, so I’m keeping it in my ideas book for later on.

Wednesday I spent the day with my partner and our friend taking them to the uni for their interview i stayed for moral support so neither one was left alone. I went to the studio after and scanned the canvases i had done into images on my USB. This was to prepare for when I’m off for surgery and my work will adjust to being digital to accommodate my recovery. I’m hoping to combine and edit photography, work I’ve done in the studio and digital drawing to create photos, drawings and videos with them. To make use of the photography I’ve done and the video editing classes we got.

During Thursday, i had my history and contemporary lesson and after i had to leave to go look after my partners parents’ house and the cats. They needed feeding. When i got there i settled down and did some digital sketches which was on the list to do. I also learnt and researched how to overlay photos on photoshop, so i knew how to do it after surgery, to get a head start in experimenting with the digital side of stuff. It was a lot of fun.

On Friday I went to the studio to do some more work and started a big piece using brusho. It was intended to do a dull faint background to be able to then build up layers of paint of acrylic and oil on top. However i let the brusho do the work and created a vibrant piece of work that i didn’t want to add anything more to it that day. Looking at it i want to add some subtle pencil/marker to some places to maybe join splatters or puddles up but i love it as it is.

During Saturday and Sunday in the evening after work while cosy in my partners parents house and watching tv i used the photography photos i had and used the skills i learnt in contemporary lessons using photoshop and illustrator. I started with illustrator using image trace and colour swatches to edit the photos.

Week 7 Goals:

-Studio painting (big piece)

-sketchbook up to date with photos

-print testers of photography and digital pieces

-finish a digital piece

-photography and digital experimentation

-relaxing Sketchbook drawing

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