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Week 7 13th March to 19th March 2023

To start let’s see how much of the weekly goals I set I got done.

Week 7 Goals:

-Studio painting (big piece) Done

-sketchbook up to date with photos Done

-print testers of photography and digital pieces Emailed but no reply yet

-finish a digital piece Done

-photography and digital experimentation Done

-relaxing Sketchbook drawing Done

On Monday, I used my studio time to start a big piece of canvas. I added some watercolour and inks diluted with water so they weren’t really overpowering to anything I put on top of them. I really loved how this looked especially after I added a blue and black tone to it.

On Tuesday, We went on a trip to Middlesbrough to the MIMA and The Auxiliary. I really enjoyed both these galleries/exhibits however I did have a preference towards The Auxiliary exhibit. The exhibit was based on Mental Health which was really inspiring to my own subject of mental health.

Wednesday, I spent the day in the studio with a friend and added some oil paint to the smaller pieces as practise and testing to how the oil paint would look over the top of colours and how much medium I needed to add to get a transparency or opaque look. I added tape to create negative spaces that weren’t oil painted. I plan to add a black or white faint colour to these to make them stand out a bit.

During Thursday, I added in charcoal the outline to a digital sketch I had made using the photographs I took at the studio with added drawing features. I had planned to do oil painting like I did for the smaller piece but I got the figure done and was starting on the floral and decided to go out my comfort zone and use acrylic paint but since I don’t like using it with a brush I used a palette knife to scrap chunks of paint on. This created texture and contrast to the delicate figure in oil paint. I build a few layers of acrylic paint onto the canvas. I like how this looked as it gave it a delicate but loud statement.

On Friday I went a visited some family on mine as I was having a major surgery this upcoming week and some of my family ant travel far due to health issues so I made the trip while I still could. I plan to see them again after surgery. We also went and visited my partners parents since it was their birthday on Saturday and we were going to be out all day.

During Saturday, we were up early for my partner’s tattoo. After we got some food and then waited for people to start showing up with a few drinks turning to a lot and ending up getting to being a crazy night. We spent Sunday out for a meal for mother’s day and the rest in bed. My partner was recovering.

Week 8:

- Recover from major surgery

- Digital Drawings

- Sketchbook update with pictures

Not a big list since during week 8 I’m away from Tuesday to Thursday (if there’s no complications knock on wood) so I only have Monday then Friday to Sunday for the week to get things done which after Wednesday I don’t know how I’ll be like for the first weeks of surgery to predict how much I could do. I don’t except or will push myself to even get these three things done.

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