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Week 7 - Crit, Audio and video and painting

I started this week out feeling quite drained but inspired to create some ideas I had. I started off taking photographs stripping and editing them to the contrasted details to help with painting. To start these paintings I gessoed, sanded and under-painted with neon paint I had on a wood panel. I attached it to the wall with some hooks. It is a bit wobbly but it helps to make sure I'm taking my time and spending time with each piece so it's more personal and intimate. It was a nice change painting on wood and I do think I prefer it slightly to painting on canvas, the paint glides over wood whereas sometimes depending on how much gesso and sanding or the thickness of the paint it won't just glide onto a canvas and its a fight to fill an area.

On Thursday I had my crit and was given some really interesting research links to check out from classmates and some insight from them and lecturers about what they liked from what I made. It helped me know the plans I hadn't executed yet were a good direction to head.

I recorded some videos at a photo studio and using Preimer Pro I made two videos and added audio to them, one being a new version that I edited slightly to fit the video more from my last project. I haven't added them to the blog because I want to touch them up slightly but I have plans to post them on Instagram and Facebook within the coming week. I have plans in the making for a collaborative audio idea im hoping to use as a stand-alone audio possibly or have a video to go with it. Like an interview audio.

At the end of the week I got started on oil painting the details onto the bigger piece, it was very meditative and good to get a start on something I felt nervous to continue. It just seemed like such a big task.

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