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Week 8 20th March to 26th March 2023

To start let’s see how much of the weekly goals I set I got done.

Week 8:

- Recover from major surgery Done

- Digital Drawings Very much not done

- Sketchbook update with pictures Printed before surgery but not stuck in sketchbook

On Monday, I used my last day before surgery to do some finishing touches on the smaller canvases and tidy my studio a bit. In the afternoon i went to my partners college to be a model for their photoshoot as their doing their final major project. I pent the evening getting packed and tidy for London the next day.

On Tuesday. We travelled to London and got checked into London. We did a bit of exploring and took on the underground which isn’t as scary as everyone makes it out to be.

Wednesday, i had surgery and i was high on drugs and feeling drained so i basically was lying in bed with my partner on my phone for me messaging people, talking to my partner and trying to take naps between people coming in to check and talk to me.

During Thursday, i got discharged and me and my partner travelled back home on the trains and i lay in bed as soon as we got home and just spent the time watching tv and trying to get sleep. I spent Thursday to Saturday getting dizzy spells and not being able to be on my phone or look at the tv long. I would feel sick and go lightheaded and spend a good time with a cold compress on my head and also covering my eyes.

Week 9:

-Sketchbooks updated

-poster designs

-exhibition research

-artist research

-digital work

Starting off light with a small list to ease me back into doing work so i don’t overdo it. I also have work for my other module and history as well so its not as small as it looks as that’s just my list for this module. I think it’s a pretty mild list and i should get back into rhythm nicely to be able to complete most if not all of it.

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