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Week 8 - Riso Posters, Research, and a trip to York

This week I don't have a lot of photos to show. I got some riso prints of the hypothetical show posters. I love how the image I chose and edited showed and how the colours worked within the riso. The posters are a good visual point to see which colours and how getting a pattern on the poster with the text could work. The exhibit information on the posters is not a real show I'm doing, it's hypothetical for my coursework.

I did a lot of research and touched up the neon wood paintings when they were nearly dry with the finishing details. I had placement and doctor's appointments to complete this week so I didn't get practical studio work other than this done due to the focus on my other module and personal stuff.

To end the week we (My partner and I) went on a trip to York through the Student Union which was amazing, we went shopping in the morning and explored. Took photos and videos of everything we saw. The afternoon was spent at the Van Gogh Immersive Experience which was beautiful. We got some more shopping and a pub drink on the way back to the bus to end the trip away.

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