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Week 9 - Painting and a break

During the easter holidays, I've taken time to relax and enjoy time with my partner and take it slow but I am still accessing my studio every so often to finish some paintings. I touched up and finished the neon wooden panels and I've begun putting a more detailed layer onto the big canvas piece I've been working on. I've got only a little more work to do on it till it's finished.

I'm spending the rest of the holiday time in my flat and at McDonald's where I like to sit and get a drink and some food and work at the table for a while doing research and drawings, as well as digital edits and playing around with what I can do and how I can turn photos into more of an image reference to what I want and visualise painting or drawing. I'm enjoying being able to have lie-ins and days off doing fun things or having lazy days while still feeling productive enough with the work I'm doing.

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