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Blind Book Box (9 items)

Blind Book Box (9 items)

This is the perfect item for book lovers looking for lovely new book items and a Randomly picked book to add to your collection.

In the box you get: 
-A surprise book of any genre (I'm not at fault if you get copies of books you alreadly get this won't be a reason for a refund to happen. If you did get a book yiu alreadly own jump for joy as you have a new copy if yours is damaged or a copy to lend our to people or give to someone as a gift.)
-An A6 Review Notepad
-Any Medium Resin Bookmark
-Two Chocolate Bars of any Chocolate
-A Surprise Tea Bag of Any Kind
-A Surprise Inscent Sticks 
-A Random Colour Inscent Stick Holder
-A Small Candle Picked at Random

All of it is packed lovely. Everything is individually wrapped especially the book which has a wax seal on it so you have the experience of opening it all and finding out what you got. Its truly a magical experience. 

I put reinforced water activated gum packing tape along the front of the box sealing it compeltely from anyone trying to get it along with sealing the flap down with tape so it's not opened and damaged. Even if this tape on the seal was tampered with the packing tape along the front will keep the box compeltely closed from unwanted hands given they aren't carrying a sharp object to cut through the reinforced strings. This means the package is unlikely to be open and stolen from during shipping however for international people customs have legal right to cut and open the box and reseal it to check the contents if they need too. 

Please be aware the above picture are pictures of just one book box I have and the items above might not be the colours or exact items you get within your book box. Meaning the chocolate, candle, tea packet, inscent holder and inscent sticks may be different in the chocolate and tea type you get, colours and scents.  However you definitely get everything listed in the contents it just won't be the same as in the picture.

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