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Book Review Card Pack of 30

Book Review Card Pack of 30

I've designed these Book Review Sheets that are perfect for going into he back or front of a book to start and keep a perfect little personal library system.

The idea is that every book you read and finish you fill one of these out and washi tape or attach it to the book as you wish and then it meansif you're looking for a book you want to read again and enjoy you have a review card to look back at or if someone else is l ooking at your books they can see if you've read it and if you enjoyed it.

I find them helpful as well to fill out quicklyafter finishing a book and are perfect to refer back to when I have time to sit and create abook journal review spread page as I keep a book review journal but each page takes timeto put together and create and I don't always have time to do that after finishing a book with my life duties to also fulfil.

They are printed on 170gsm silk paper. Each pack includes 30 individual book review sheets.

Pair this with the A6 Book Review Notepad I have to start or spice up your book journalling or creative needs.

Sheet Size- 
105mm x 74mm
(10.5cm x 7.4cm)

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