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LGBT+ Bookmark Set of 6

LGBT+ Bookmark Set of 6


(((((PLEASE NOTE THIS SET NO LONGER COMES WITH THE LESBIAN BOOKMARK TILL FUTHRR NOTICE. I NEED TO UPDATE THE COLOURS TO THE SUNSET FLAG WHICH IS THE CORRECT LESBIAN FLAG COLOURS NOW. You will now instead get each of the Bookmarks except the lesbian one please one randomly chosen one so one design will have two Bookmarks))))

The Bookmark LGBT+ set features seven pieces of art made digitally turned into art. They each feature a subtle LGBT Non flag as the sky colours detailed with clouds. The foreground has greyscale landscapes with trees.

This Bookmark set is the perfect subtle piece of art for those wanting to show pride and for those who might need to be more subtle about showing it due to circumstances.

This also works well as a mini piece of art on card that you can stick to the wall.

The Bookmark is plain white on the back.

Bookmark Size -

52mm x 148mm

(5.2cm x 14.8cm)

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