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LGBT Butterfly Sticker Pack

LGBT Butterfly Sticker Pack


(((((PLEASE NOTE THIS SET NO LONGER COMES WITH THE LESBIAN STICKER TILL FUTHRR NOTICE. I NEED TO UPDATE THE COLOURS TO THE SUNSET FLAG WHICH IS THE CORRECT LESBIAN FLAG COLOURS NOW. You will now instead get each of the stickers except the lesbian one plus one randomly chosen one so one design will have two stickers of))))


This is a glossy sticker pack which includes a total of 5 stickers with the design of a butterfly with the rainbow gay flag, the transgender flag, the biseuxal flag and the panseuxal flag colours plus a duplicate of one design at random. It was made digital drawn and made into stickers.


This pack is great to share with your lgbt friends or to use as you figure out your identity or any other way you can creatively think of how to use this pack of stickers.


The size of the stickers are 3cm x 4.5cm.

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